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How it works



Go to drop down menu, Click “Order” then “Meal Packs”. Select from our wide variety of signature dishes, which can be all customized to fit your goals!



I take the time to ensure that each meal is carefully prepared, cooked, packaged and ready to go!



Choose whether to pick up your meals from the HQ Kitchen location, or any of Gyms that Fluff w the Puff. OR you can choose a delivery method for your convenience. We never want you to miss out



My meal containers are microwavable safe. In just minutes you will be enjoying restaurant quality meals from the comfort of your own home. Puffy Recommends Pan frying on a medium-high heat for best Results ;)


"Unreal bro, i have tried 4 other companies before you & you are definitely wayyyy ahead man"


"your the best for real! i've tried other companies in the past & found their food to be disgusting & tasteless"


Omg! I just wanted to say that the food tastes amazing! I'm so happy I found you, I always struggled on finding a tasty and balanced food! I'm busy at work and sometimes is impossible for me to cook, so this really helps me A LOT! Thank you


honestly man, i've tried every meal prep company in Toronto and this shit is on a next level. Grateful i came across you bro


We have tried p*** shop because we train at pure muscle and yesss! You are 1000000% better !!! Choices, quality, flavor, every aspect


yo puffy i just tried ur cajun salmon man for the first time today. it was straight no cap. salmon was juicy af and the veggies i could tell were super fresh. im normally not a veggie person but the meal was real delicious. salmon i think for sure will be one of my go to's. everytime i cook salmon its hard to get the seasoning right and cook it without drying it out. Food is straight bangin! thx for the meals man

Since I started eating your food I've cut down on the junk I've been eating because now I'm filled with nutritious protein veggies and some GOOD carbs. Weightloss is my biggest challenge right now and I've made strides already. Thanks for your help!



extremely satisfied. The protein muffins were amazing, and so were the over night oats and the meals are also amazing so far. Super glad I ordered this from you. I have to cut some more weight for a competition I have this weekend and this food is making it so convenient. I can't stop recommending you to my peers. Definitely going to be placing consistent orders now on. Nice clean meals that make me feel good after eating. Appreciate the service you are providing so much.


Food is delicious! Only half way through my first week's order and I'm hooked! Your service provides convenience balanced macros and doesn't compromise on taste. Well done

Hey Adam, love everything so far. Just started the morning with the strawberry pancakes and they were so good. This has been such a life/timesaver, so glad Danielle recommended you. I was going to wait a week to place an order but I'm already impressed


What Our Clients Says

Amazing food and amazing service. Super fast replies with any questions and they deliver right to your door. Puffy even customized my diet based on my bodybuilding diet. Will always use this amazing company!

Matthew Guila

Matt G

Great food and great service. Puffy makes dieting so much easier with the food he makes. You're missing out if you do not try Puffys Protein.



Best meal prep service I have ever tried. wouldn’t want to go anywhere else. 10/10 recommend trying the delicious food

Catherine Heart

I have a very complex diet. A lot is needed to accommodate me. Puffy/ Adam has gone above and beyond. Very happy with service. Have been ordering for months. Would recommend to anyone.



10/10 Variety, 10/10 food, 10/10 service. What can’t the puff do!? Seriously 100% worth it for this amazing company


Best meal prep in the GTA! Healthy, delicious, and incredible variety in menu options.