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Puffy's Origin

6 years ago I was at my worst; an obese teenager with no real ambition or drive in life, facing chronic depression and attempts of suicide. 

I did nothing all day but eat junk food, play videogames, and sit on my ass. 

My doctor told me that if I continued with my current lifestyle, I would be dead by 24.

After my grandfather whom I was very close with died, I decided to reflect on my life and who I wanted to be. 

I decided that I was done being obese and unhealthy and that I was going to turn my life around. I wanted to make Papa Puff and Puffy Sr. proud. 

In the past, I had tried many different therapies, health practitioners, and treatment programs. 

However, none of them worked for me, mainly because I was only going to them because others in my life were telling me that I needed to change.

It wasn’t until the desire to change came from within myself that my life began to really transform.

At the start of my journey, I was well over 350 pounds and was absolutely terrified of walking into a gym. 

So instead, I started with changing my diet by reducing the amount of junk food and processed foods I ate, and soon enough, I started to lose weight. 

(I have to give enormous credit to one of my mentors & best friends, Nitish, for helping me. If your looking for a trainer/coach/mentor in the GTA, his IG is: n.bfit 

(my nickname for him is the Indian Hulk)

I then realized that I have a passion for helping people achieve their fitness goals.

So, I took courses and received certifications on coaching and nutrition, combined them with what my own trainer had taught me, and began to train my own clients. You can see their stories and results over on my other website. 

That is the story of how I started coaching. 

Why I started this meal prep business is quite simple; it combines all my passions into one. 

Health & fitness, the culinary arts, and helping people. 

Puffy's Protein began when a couple of my clients I was training did not want to cook & one of them did not know how to cook at all. 

As a Coach, one the biggest thing we have to do is overcome obstacles/excuses. 

I always meal prepped for myself every Sunday so I figured why not do it for them too. 

Fast forward and here we are now, here you are reading this, and needless to say the business have taken off quite a bit. 

I know this may sound cheesy, but I deeply believe that every person has a purpose in life.

I believe my purpose is to help people change their lives and overcome their issues when it comes to health and fitness.

I feel nothing but  joy when I help people. 

Sometimes people have to go through struggles and overcome adversity to make something great. I would like to think that I’ve done that up to this point & will hopefully continue to do that. 

If you have managed to read all of this, thank you. It means a lot to me. 

If you would like more than just meal prep, such as help with in-person or online coaching, please feel free to reach out direct to me via text/call/email or DM.