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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that has not been answered on this page, please feel free to reach out to me or my VA via email/Dm/Call or text. 

How It Works

How Does Ordering Work?

Meals can currently be ordered in weekly packs or 4-week subscriptions. Meals are split up into 5 categories; Original, Specialty, Vegetarian (these are the mains), and Breakfast and Dessert. If you order the Specialty category, you get access to all the meals in the Original and Vegetarian categories as well. Once you pick a meal category, you then select your # of meals for the week. Each meal category has a base price per meal. The more meals you get in a week, the cheaper of a rate you get per meal. When selecting meals, some meals have surcharges. Upgrading to a large meal has a surcharge, low-carb substitutes have a surcharge, and specialty meals have a surcharge. If you order a low-carb substitute, you will receive the largest portion size available for that meal (regular/large depending on meal).

Where Do We Deliver To?

We deliver to all of the GTA & Barrie! Delivery costs range from $15 - $30 depending on your address. *Important Note: Please return the delivery bags to the driver the following week

Are Meals Fully Cooked & Ready To Eat?

Our meals are fully cooked and can be reheated in the microwave, stove top, or oven. Microwave: 1.5-3 min / Stove Top At Medium Heat: 2-4 min / Oven Pre-Heated At 260F: 5 min

How Long Will Meals Last?

Our meals do not contain any artificial preservatives. We recommend eating meals with fish & beef first. Desserts/Pancakes/Waffles: can last minimum 1 week, up to 2 weeks. You can also freeze them for up to 2 months no issue. Salad: 3-5 days (depends on lettuce - check colour) Salmon/Cod: 3-5 days Shrimp: 3-4 days Original or Specialty Chicken: 5-6 days Bolognese: 3-5 days Steak: 4-5 days Veggie Burger: 4-5 days Quinoa/Chickpea: 4-5 days Tofu: 4-6 days If you are going to freeze meals, make sure to thaw them overnight in the fridge. That way they don’t develop bacteria. Never cook or reheat from frozen, wait for it to thaw, or else it will turn out bad.

When Is The Order Deadline For Pick Up/Delivery On Sundays?

The order deadline is Wednesday at 9PM EST for the following week's deliveries. There is a cool countdown clock at the top of the website as well ;) Because you order in advance, I can order the exact ingredients needed to make your meals to reduce waste ;) I am unable to cancel or make any modifications to orders after the deadline.

Are Containers Re-Usable?

Meal containers, mason jars, and ice packs are ALL RE-USABLE. You don't have to return them, but we (and the planet) would love it if you did! For Deliveries: Simply leave the re-usable items in a spot visible to the delivery driver and we will pick them up at your next delivery, sterilize them, and re-use them. You can also put the re-usable items in the delivery bags (which are also re-usable!) and return them all together. For Pick Ups: Please kindly return re-usable items upon pick up the following week. *Important Note: Please ONLY return containers/mason jars WASHED. Thank you.

How Can A Meal Prep Service Help Me Achieve My Fitness Goals?

When it comes to eating to attain fitness goals, we often miss many macro and micronutrients that are necessary for building muscle. In addition, with a hectic day of work, people usually either tend to overeat or severely under eat, leading to undesired fitness levels. When you utilize a meal prep service to your advantage, you can be rest assured that you will be getting the right amount of calories per day to satisfy your hunger cravings while helping you achieve your unique fitness goals. All in all, if you have been looking for a hands-off solution with your eating habits while trying to stay healthy, a meal prep service is the holy grail for your problems.

What Makes Us Different?

Having lost 150 pounds throughout his own weight loss journey, our Founder & Head Chef, Puffy, knows the importance of having a game plan when it comes to dieting and meal prep. (You can see his story here: https://puffygotbuffy.ca) Cooking since a very young age and attending culinary school in his young-adulthood, Puffy had been blessed with the knowledge to combine fitness and nutrition in a way that was exciting for all his clients. Whether you are an avid fan of sweet pastries or savoury meals, I strive to deliver quality, delicious meals that not only taste great, but also empower you to see results in your fitness journey!

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